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The 2021-2022 Exec

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Warwick Think Tank Leadership

Executive Profiles


Lily Jean


Lily is a second-year Politics and International Studies student from France. She is interested in international security and diplomacy, and particularly in Euro-American relations. In her spare time, she loves cooking and socialising, and has practiced dance for 15 years.

Levi Chesham


Lead Editor

Levi is a third-year History and Politics student from the UK and Australia, currently living in Manchester. Levi’s major interests focus on the world of foreign and trade policy, especially with regard to the South China Sea and the Eurasian boundary. He also enjoys Rock and Roll, Blues and football.


Charbeline Chaaya

Head of Social


Charbeline is a second-year PPL student of Lebanese origin who lives in London, UK. She is particularly interested in Middle Eastern politics and power politics. She has played the piano for over 10 years and her favourite thing to do is read a book outside when the weather is nice.


Thomas De Monchy

Vice President

Thomas is a second-year PPE student from the Netherlands. He is interested in public policy and finding pragmatic solutions to the complex issues of today’s world. Apart from politics he likes baseball, reading, travelling and pretending to go to the gym.

Vriddhi Khattar


Head of Research

Vriddhi is a second-year PPE student from Dubai. She has previously worked in sectors such as commercial law and investment banking and wants to pursue a career in financial journalism. Apart from when she is actively trying to get through her degree, she likes to paint, bake and write.


Anandita Thakar

Head of Marketing 

Anandita is a second-year Economics and Industrial Organisations student from Delhi, India. She is interested in the field of marketing and strategy, and loves playing tennis in her free time.


Mehr Ahmad



Varun Sinha

Head of Sponsorship  

Mehr is a third-year English and History student. Her family is from Pakistan but she was born and raised in the UK. Her interests include Middle Eastern cultural and political attitudes towards women. In her spare time, she likes to cook and learn new things through online courses. Currently, she is doing a course in IT coding.

Becky Aguiar


Head of
Collaborative Events

Becky is a second-year Economics student from Reading, UK, with a keen interest in Development economics and environmental policy. She is incredibly passionate about raising awareness of current issues through public outreach, and in her spare time loves running and socialising with friends.


Will Allen

Graphic Designer

Will is a second-year PPL student from Oxford, UK. He is currently interested in US politics and the reemergence of antitrust laws in the US and around the globe. His favourite person in design is Gail Bichler, the creative director of the New York Times Magazine. In his spare time, he enjoys feeding his dog too much and running 5k’s.

Varun is a second-year Economics student from Birmingham, UK. He is especially interested in microeconomics and learning about policy related to competition in markets, and in his spare time he enjoys playing cricket.

Ammar Ourtashi


Head of Academic

Ammar is a second-year Law student from Sudan. Although aiming to pursue a legal career with commercial interests, his passion for law stems from a curiosity in political debate and understanding how political goals clash with issues of public policy and societal needs. As well as his academic commitments, he makes plenty of time for travel, music, and social events.


Mallika Wadhwani

Social Media Manager

Mallika is a second-year Politics and Sociology student from the UK. She aspires to work with the UN's Economic and Social Council, whilst independently assessing the impact of social policies on communities. Mallika also enjoys practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu in her spare time and has previously competed at a world-class level.



Screenshot 2021-09-06 at 15.45_edited.png

Since our inception in 2011, Warwick Think Tank has grown to become one of the largest student-led think tanks in Europe – we serve as a dynamic and politically neutral space, bringing together a community of passionate and diverse students to engage in the world of policy.


We aim to offer a welcoming and collaborative platform, through which our members can explore innovative policy ideas within our seven key sectors – foreign affairs, healthcare, education, technology & innovation, energy & environment, the economy & finance, and justice & human rights – all of which culminate in the form of our termly reports.


Throughout each term, we provide ongoing engagement in the form of discussions and panels, talks from leading experts, career and policy-writing workshops, and networking and social events. This year, we will be further expanding opportunities available to our members through exciting partnerships with international think tanks, both student-led and professional.


Our blog, ‘Think Tank Tuesdays’, provides a further opportunity for members to research, write and submit their own articles on topics of personal interest. We will also be introducing our first weekly newsletter, analysing the impacts of and changes in policy around the world.


Through building on the foundation of student enthusiasm throughout the years, we have successfully nurtured a community of forward-thinkers, writers and leaders, which we hope to exceed through YOUR participation!


If you are interested in making a positive change in the wider community, then Warwick Think Tank is the place for you – we look forward to welcoming you!

Lily Jean

Warwick Think Tank President, 2021-22

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Read our articles 

Warwick Think Tank Blog

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Blog Information

This year, we want to hear your voice: even if you have never attended a WTT event, we want to provide students with a virtual platform to echo their views in relation to policy, or various economic, political or social issues. 


Every Tuesday, we will be releasing a blog entry from a student as a spotlight to showcase their interests. As an advocate, or a voice to drive progress, this blog is a safe space to declare your views on a wide-scale. 


The aim of the entry is to discuss the issue with a key emphasis on how we can come to a resolution – the structure could be: 


Providing background on the issue / crisis

Discussing the crux of the issue / crisis

Solutions proposed by Think Tanks / other figures, followed by your own unique resolution.

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