THE 2020-21 EXEC

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Through initially stumbling upon a recruitment post to the position of Research Analyst, Warwick Think Tank to me has remained a progressively neutral, and safe space to dissect and discuss ideas in order to drive progress. What stood out to me is the society’s ability to put aside competing political views to unite individuals, critically engaging with pressing issues in order to form progressive resolutions.


Vice President

Warwick Think Tank is a fantastic community of independent and well-versed students at one of the best universities in the country. At first, it was an opportunity to improve my research skills in politics when I joined as a research analyst last year. The opportunity for growth that Warwick Think Tank holds excites me tremendously; growing from only a dwindling handful of students to now an active base of members is inspiring.



I think Think Tanks explore policy decisions that could be highly impactful if implemented. Having a bearing and understanding on these decisions is both useful and interesting. Working at WTT allows me to hear from the best in the field and debate topics from AI to sex work with clever people.

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I was drawn to apply as secretary for Warwick Think Tank due to the opportunity for growth the society has the potential to fulfil. Although newly founded, WTT have already hosted an array of incredible events, and I cannot wait to see what more we can offer in the coming year.


Head of Sponsorship

My interest in Warwick Think Tank stems from its core values - neutrality and progression. Through their impactful research & events, the society has shaped a platform for students to impartially tackle hard-hitting affairs, whatever the focus may be!


Co-Head of Events

The thing that drew me to Warwick’s Think Tank society was the environment to discuss and write about abstract political ideas. I have always found article writing tremendously boring – talking about policy recommendations is far more fulfilling.

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Co-Head of Events

I have decided to join Warwick Think Tank for my interest in the topics tackled by the society and for its prestige. My experience within this community has enabled me to deepen my knowledge on many different subjects.


Marketing Director

Warwick Think Tank piqued my interest because it doesn’t restrict itself to any particular field of discussion. Attending events throughout my year definitely helped expand my knowledge on topics from AI to sustainability, and introduced me to people with diverse perspectives.


Research Head & Editor

I have always been looking for an opportunity that would push me out of my comfort zone and help me explore my interest in policy-making. Working with some of the most ambitious individuals who wanted to take this society to new heights.