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Solving the UK's Dementia Crisis.
One China, One Government?
Macrons Bid for Two Successful Presidencies.
Russo-American Antagonism. The Erosion of Voting Rights in the United States. Two Years of Johnsonism Under Review. The Billionaire Tax. Covid Plan B. The British Governments Effort to Write its Own History. United States Climate Backsliding. El Salvador's Bitcoin Gamble. The Downfall of Evergrande. Australia wants Nuclear Submarines Does It Need Them? New articles every week.                  So much to read.

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Student-led articles

Events are the heart of what we do at Warwick Think Tank - showcasing and inviting everyone to explore policy issues facing both the UK and the globe today. Our weekly events hosted through a series of on campus and online forums allow some of the best policy experts to come and give talks and take questions from students. The events fit into three main categories to give as much appeal to students as possible: Speaker, Academic and Collaborative. Find out more about the original weekly events our society runs below.

There's a section on the blog for everyone. Warwick Think Tank Blog has eight sections that cover an expansive range of critical issues. Each section is filled with student articles, and no two are alike.

Foreign Affairs
Econ & Finance
Justice & Human Rights
Arts & Culture 


New section

With the addition of this new blog section we aim to broaden the range of articles we publish at Warwick Think Tank. The new Arts and Culture section will allow students to explore another critical area where policy develops at a fast pace.



New articles every week

Over the academic terms we aim to explore the seven policy sectors through a range of events, articles and research. Each term will bring unique focus to policy, as Warwick Think Tank focuses on an over arching theme throughout the ten weeks. Past themes include 'power dynamics and competition' and 'inequality in the 21st century'. 

Want to write? Contact us.

A blog powered by students 

Regular contributors

Warwick Think Tank hosts a range of policy events weekly throughout all the academic terms. These events aim to focus on particular policy issues that we focus on in our policy sectors. Policy events are never the same, allowing students to gain as much insight as possible to the world of policy. Past events have included talks on education, race, and the environment from a wide range of speakers - a Democratic senatorial candidate, former spiritual adviser to President Obama and ESG's.


Warwick Think Tank explores the news and policy developments on Warwick Think Tank Blog. The Blog publishes student articles that take a deep dive into some of the latest news and policy events around the world. The blog focuses on a wide range of sections, from foreign affairs to arts and culture

We've got some news to share with you.

Whether on they are speaking in-person on campus or live to an audience from around the world these events offer incredible insights. Warwick Think Tank hosts leading speakers at our policy events. Hear from these experts and gain unique insights into policy.

Opinion articles written by our student members

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Use the browse section to explore our most recent student articles.



Elevating important topics

Use the browse section to explore our selected trending topics in policy. As the news changes so do the topics we select and elevate.


Trending topics. They change as global events do

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Policy sections

Discover and read about specific policy sectors using the individual policy sections. Here you can find all the articles written on a specific topic.


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Foreign Affairs





Economics & Finance


Arts and Culture   

Eight sections that cover it all.

From foreign policy to our new arts and culture section Warwick Think Tank Blog covers it all. Our expansive range of policy sections mean our blog covers a huge range of issues.  



Discover and read great writing, pertinent topics, unique perspectives, while exploring each policy area with hand picked features.


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In-depth discussion

Warwick Think Tank articles are researched, developed, and written with great care. This ensures each blog article takes an in-depth look at critical policy and news, providing readers with the facts.

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Visual stories

Great articles deserve to be seen. So all our Warwick Think Tank articles include unique artwork that helps enrich and bring the great stories our student writers produce.

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Stream past events



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Keith Magee

Social Justice in the 21st Century


March 2022


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The state of thE SENATE > > > > >

2022 Midterms

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March 2022

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