To our fellow scholars, 

Since our inception in 2011, we have grown into a diverse, progressive and politically-neutral body that acts as a key platform to engage in the world of policy.  

We aim to act as a safe and collaborative space to freely discuss issues concerning our five key policy sectors: foreign affairs, healthcare, education, technology and energy & environment – all of which is to culminate in the form of our termly reports. 

Throughout the year, we aim to provide engagement in the form of student-led discussions and panels, our coveted speaker series, policy writing workshops, career-oriented networking events, society collaborations as well as termly field trips!

We will also be introducing our very first blog – known as ‘Think Tank Tuesdays’, which will also act as an opportunity for our members to provide submissions on fields of their own interests. 

Through building on the foundation of student enthusiasm throughout the years, we have successfully nurtured a community of forward-thinkers, writers and leaders, which we hope to exceed through YOUR participation!

If you wish to make a difference within the wider community, then Warwick Think Tank is the place for you…

- Leena Fayyaz

President, 2020-21



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