Warwick Think Tank

This year, we want to hear your voice: even if you have never attended a WTT event, we want to provide students with a virtual platform to echo their views in relation to policy, or various economic, political or social issues. 


Every Tuesday, we will be releasing a blog entry from a student as a spotlight to showcase their interests. As an advocate, or a voice to drive progress, this blog is a safe space to declare your views on a wide-scale. 


The aim of the entry is to discuss the issue with a key emphasis on how we can come to a resolution – the structure could be: 

  • Providing background on the issue / crisis

  • Discussing the crux of the issue / crisis

  • Solutions proposed by Think Tanks / other figures, followed by your own unique resolution. 


Our most recent blog posts can be found here, or under ‘Blog,’ above.

This year, Warwick Think Tank will be publishing a report every term. The report offers the opportunity to not just challenge an issue on the surface, but to dissect a topic based on a range of differing perspectives. This will be conducted through our five key policy sectors: 

 Foreign affairs, Healthcare, Education, Technology, Energy & Environment


In this way, our report provides a holistic examination of key issues in order to provide critically perceptive policy recommendations, making the voice of Warwick Think Tank unique. The aim of our work is to equip students with the skills necessary to cohesively work together based off of competing standpoints, enabling them to devise policy in a critical yet engaging manner. 


Every term, our report will be concluded with a Policy Report Launch Party, where our writers will provide glimpses into their findings, which will ultimately be followed by a reception to celebrate their work!


Our virtual report can be found here.

Read the termly policy reports

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