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Think Tank Tuesdays!

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

This year, we want to hear your voice: even if you have never attended a WTT event, we want to provide students with a virtual platform to echo their views in relation to policy, or various economic, political or social issues.

Every Tuesday, we will be releasing a blog entry from a student as a spotlight to showcase their interests. As an advocate, or a voice to drive progress, this blog is a safe space to declare your views on a wide-scale.

The aim of the entry is to discuss the issue with a key emphasis on how we can come to a resolution – the structure could be:

  • Providing background on the issue / crisis

  • Discussing the crux of the issue / crisis

  • Solutions proposed by Think Tanks / other figures, followed by your own unique resolution.

#WarwickThinkTank #ThinkTankTuesdays

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